Travelling from Zürich is easy by Car and Train. There are regular train connections from Zürich Airport to Feldkirch. Duration approx. 2:30 by train by car approx. 1:30. Check for more information about train arrvial/departure.


Travelling from Munich to Feldkirch is OK by car but not by train. It takes you approx. 2:30 by car.


It is easy to get to Feldkirch from Innsbruck by Car and Train: There are Regular Train connections from Innsbruck to Feldkirch. Duration approx. 2:00 by train and by car approx. 1:30. For more information abaout train arrival/departure check

Of course there are several other Airports near to Feldkirch:

  • Memmingen,
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Stuttgart

Should you require any assistance, please contact us.